Incoming And Outgoing Hotmail Server Settings

Incoming And Outgoing Hotmail Server Settings

Hotmail is a very popular and one of the oldest free e-mail services. And sometimes customers space issues in sending and receiving mails which can be corrected by taking a few simple steps:

First of all i would like to share the incoming and outgoing hotmail server setting

Hotmail Incoming Mail Server Settting (POP3)

– (logon using Secure Password Authentification – SPA, mail server port: 995)

Hotmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

– (TLS enabled, port 587)

That’s all done!

If still getting issue then follow the below steps for troubleshooting.

  1. To ensure that you are able to send mails through Hotmail, you have to first see that your browser settings are correct. Sometimes certain websites are blocked and customers may not be able to send mails because of this reason. You have to go to your browser settings and made the necessary changes.


  1. If you have installed an antivirus, you will have to see that Hotmail is not blocked. Sometimes, an anti-virus may prevent you from visiting websites such as Hotmail. Go to your antivirus settings and make changes to allow Hotmail.


  1. Apart from this you can also find if your Hotmail account has been blocked due to violation of terms of use. Sometimes if you send too many mails in the short period of time or a single mail to a large number of recipients at one go Hotmail may block your account and you may not be able to receive or send mails for at least 12 to 24 hours.


  1. If your server has previous record of sending spam mails or malicious content even then, your server might be blocked from sending mails to other e-mail accounts. This is done to make sure that the interests of our users are protected.


  1. If you want to resolve this problem you will have to ensure that your server is not blacklisted. You must resort to business mail services which allow customers to send block mails for business and marketing purposes.


  1. You should also check your account settings by going to your account information and account security page. You should see that your signature does not have any link that you do not know or your auto reply or forward addresses are not different or not recognized by you. If there are any such things you should change your account settings immediately.


  1. If you are not able to resolve this problem it is best to get in touch with the experts available at Hotmail customer support that will provide you with the needed solution. It is important because you may not be able to make the necessary changes and settings on your own and with their head table be able to resolve the problem in the shortest possible time.