How To Fix Outlook Not Responding Error? Get Outlook help

How To Fix Outlook Not Responding Error

If you find out your outlook account is not working, you can take the following steps:

First of all, it is best to check if your account is blocked. Many a times due to sending too many mails in a short period of time or a single mail to a large number of users, and account me get blocked due to a violation of terms of use. One can deal with this problem by ensuring not to violate the terms of use lead by outlook.


In order to deter spammers, outlook doesn’t allow users to send mails more than a particular number. If you want to increase your limit to send and receive mails you have to send an e-mail by clicking on a link when you have to provide your phone number and outlook will verify that you are an original user and not a spammer.


You will then be able to send more mails, as outlook will increase your limit. If this is not the case then there can be other problems with your outlook account. It is possible that your outlook account has been hacked and you will have to resolve the problem by trying to change the password of outlook account.


To do that you have to go to the password change page of outlook and click on the link.


You will be guided to a page where you will be needed to provide your outlook mail ID. Outlook will send you a code to your alternate e-mail address or your mobile number whichever you can access.


After this you will have to enter that code and outlook will allow you to change your password and you will be able to enter your outlook mail account. However, if you are not able to change the password of your outlook mail account by this process, it means that the hacker has changed your account information. In such situations and will not be able to change your password an access your account.


You will be required to contact outlook customer support team and tell them your problem and they will be able to help you. They will send you a questionnaire which will be based on your outlook mail account usage habits. After you have completed verification in this manner outlook will provide you the needed assistance to get back to your account.


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