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How To Configure Gmail With MS Outlook

How To Configure Gmail With Outlook

As an email accessing platform, Outlook has won the hearts and trust of the email users worldwide. In modern days, most internet users have more than one email addresses. This provides immense convenience for communication. However, using several emails can be, at times, quite hectic and tedious as one needs to sign in to various webmail services. However, Outlook eliminates such inconveniences and provides the luxury of accessing all the email accounts at one single platform. The people trying to access Gmail at Outlook for the first time may find it a bit confusing. But that is not a great hindrance. Gmail can be easily synced with Outlook within just a few minutes.

Configuration steps of Gmail To Outlook

Following are the quick steps for configuring Gmail with Outlook:

• Sign in to Gmail account by entering the username and password in the given spaces

• Click the ‘Gear’ icon on the top right of the mail page and scroll down to find ‘Settings’

• Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP

• Select ‘Enable IMAP’ in the IMAP selection section and click ‘Save changes’

Once the IMAP is enabled, you can complete the following process

• Open Outlook and sign in to it

• Choose and click ‘Account settings’

• Find and click ‘New’ button present in the ‘Mail’ tab

• Enter the required information such as name, username, and password etc.

• Wait for a few seconds for Outlook to connect

• Let the messages download

• Export the Google or Gmail contacts to a file

• Go to Outlook again and import

• Browse the file downloaded from Gmail

• Select the way you wish to handle the duplicates

• Use the imported contacts as you use the Outlook contacts

You can now access and use the Gmail account through Outlook. Likewise, you can sync and access the other email accounts. Now there is no need to sign in to different webmail services and waste your time and energy. Just open and sign in to Outlook and you will conveniently be able to access and use all the other email accounts.

Though, syncing Gmail account with Outlook is not a difficult process, some of the new users may find it a bit cumbersome. But that should not stop anyone from enjoying the luxury of using the email accounts through Outlook. The outlook customer support professionals are just at the finger-click distance if facing any issue in configuration.

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