How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail, Computer & External Hard Drive or Cloud

How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail, Computer & External Hard Drive or Cloud

You still stick to the traditional free email services for your day to day email needs? You must know that these free email services aren’t reliable or trustworthy; if anything goes wrong, your provider isn’t accountable for that as it is a free service. It might be possible that someone gets into your account or all of a sudden you lose all your messages then what will you do?

Backing up the data on a regular interval of time can be a boon. But how will you take a backup of the entire Yahoo account as the export feature isn’t available so far? Well! Relax. We have got your back. So, chill, sit back and enjoy this small article till the end to know everything about the backing up your Yahoo emails.


It sounds a bit old school but still, it is an option to take a backup of your Yahoo account. You can print a clean hard copy of the important messages and it will work as a backup certainly.  Before you get started, make sure that your printer is turned on andthere are enough papers in the supply tray along with the ink cartridges.

  • Go to the inbox and open the email which you wish to print.
  • Click “More” at the bottom.
  • Choose “Print”
  • Click “Print”
  • Print on-screen instructions may differ with different printers installed on your system.


To be on the safe side, forward the important emails to your Gmail account.

  • Log on to the Yahoo account.
  • Open the important email and press the “Forward” button.
  • Compose the message.
  • Click “Send” to forward the message.


POP access is an effective way to access your Yahoo account with the help of an email client or mobile app. POP usually download the copies of the entire emails from the server and you can displace them anytime you like in future without affecting the emails on the Yahoo servers.

Configure your Yahoo account with any of the third party clients like Outlook. Let the client download the entire emails from the Yahoo servers. Once you are sure that the client has downloaded the entire content from the server then follow the steps mentioned below. Make sure that downloading emails make take several minutes depending on the intensity of the network connection & the number of the emails on the Yahoo servers.

On your Outlook client:

  • Click on “File”
  • Select “Open & Export” then, Import/Export
  • Choose “Export a file”
  • Click “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and press “Next”
  • Choose the same Yahoo account and follow the on-screen instruction to save the (.pst file)

This file will act as a backup and whenever something goes wrong with your Yahoo account, you have the backup option available. Save the .pst file regularly to create a backup copy.

If you are unable to do so by your own then don’t get frustrated, we have our dedicated as well as certified Yahoo technicians and they will help you create a backup of your entire Yahoo account. Feel free to get in touch with Yahoo customer care service toll-free helpline numbers.


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