How To Create Group And Add Members In Skype?

How To Create Group And Add Members In Skype

Creating and using groups in Skype is common, you can create a group through which you can get connected to your friends, colleges, business person and many more. This feature is very useful as with this you can save your time and share your ideas with number of people in short span of time.

By creating a group chat you can send instant messages to your contacts at the same time. You can add a number of contacts to your group and send messages and video calls. You can simply create a group, or can add contacts to an existing conversation or group of yours on Skype. At present, this feature is promising and used by users widely for their business purposes.

Any of the user or participant can send messages in the group and which will be received by all the participants of the group instantly. It allows a number of persons to send messages at a same time. You can even share files and other docs to chat and share contacts and files with each other at the same time. It’s a perfect tool for business purposes as it help you to keep track of your friends, family and business partners easily.

Steps to create a group in Skype:

First of all to create a group you need to apply these below given steps:

  • Tap on the +New icon beneath your Skype profile picture.
  • Now enter a name of a contact you want to add in the group.
  • After this you can find a contact from there and can add to your list with a simple click.
  • You can repeat this process for all the contacts which you want to add in your list of group.
  • In case you want to hold on your existing group conversation and want to add contacts to that you can also do that to minimize your work.
  • By applying the above steps your Skype group has been created send messages instantly.

Add contacts in existing group

  • In order to add contacts to a conversation from the contacts you want to add select one.
  • You can choose the contacts from the list of your contacts.
  • You can even add the contact to the conversation you like.
  • Tap on the button to add people to an existing group chat.
  • Choose the Skype contacts you would like to add in your group conversation.

If you face any sort of difficulty in applying these steps then you can dial a toll-free customer support number for Skype and get relevant help from the experts to add groups in your Skype skillfully.

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