Getting Google Play Error 927 How To Fix

Getting Google Play Error 927 How To Fix

If you are getting error 927 in google play, you must be facing it in your handheld device which is based on android platform. This problem will occur when you try to download and install an app from Google play store. To resolve this problem you have to take a few simple steps:

1 First go to application manager which is available under the settings.

2 From the menu list you have to select settings and there you will find application manager.

3 From the list of applications that appear you will have to find the Google Play Store application.

4 Tap the application and scroll down and you will find force stop, clear cache, clear data.

5 First you will have to tap on force stop and then clear data and after that clear cache.

6 Now you can try to download and install the app for which you are facing problems earlier.

There is our solution to resolve this problem and you can try it in the above doesn’t work for you. Under the application manager which you can find under the settings in your hand device, tap the Google play store application and then under the app info you will find uninstall updates, select it.

Now you have to get back to all the apps and click on download manager and select clear cache and data. Now you have to relaunch Google play store again and try to download and install and the application you were trying to install before.

Another solution can be to remove your Gmail account from your handheld device. For this you will have to follow the path-accounts> Google> Gmail account.

Now under the settings go to application manager and then select Google play store. Here you will have to select force stop and then choose the clear cache and clear data options.

You will have to follow the same steps for Google Service Framework and Download Manager. After you have done this you will have to again install Gmail account in your device. Now you will have to restart your android devise and accept all of Google terms and settings. Launch Google play store and install or update the app you wanted to before.

Still if your problem remains unsolved get in touch with Gmail Customer Care and get meaningful solutions to overcome your problem. The technical team of Gmail and listen to your issues and provide you with the best possible solutions necessary to overcome the problems you face in overcoming error 927.

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