How to Fix Poor Printer Quality with Dell Printer

How to Fix Poor Printer Quality with Dell Printer

Dell recommends using only Dell branded toners with Dell Printers. The manufacturer doesn’t guarantee print quality or compatibility with any third party toner.

Causes of Poor Quality Printouts

·         Toner level is low.

·         Internal parts of printer being dirty.

·         Toner brand.

·         Quality of paper.

If you don’t get the desired print quality and find one or the other issue, read ahead. Here are some solutions based on the printing issues, follow them accordingly.

Vertical/Horizontal/Random Faded Prints

Do you see vertical white streaks in the printed document? Do this:

  • Take a printout of the 2335dn Dell settings page.
  • If you see white streaks, check the toner brand. If it’s not Dell, use Dell branded toner. Read the instruction manual to install the toner.
  • Turnoff the printer and remove the toner. Check the green/blue photoconductive roller underside the toner for damages.
  • Check the toner level; if it’s low, replace the toner.
  • Moist or rough paper also causes this problem. So, check the paper. Try different brand of paper.

Vertical Lines

  • Print the setting page. If it has the problem, try using Dell branded printer. Already using it, move to next option.
  • Black vertical lines on the printouts suggest scratches on the drum inside the toner cartridge. Replacing the toner will help.
  • White vertical lines means the LSU part inside the printer is dirty. Clean it carefully following the manual.
Grey Printout Background
  • Switch to lighter weight pages.
  • Keep a check on printer’s environment; very dry or high humidity conditions may lead to increase in background colour.
Curl or Wave in the Printed Document
  • Check the paper quality and type.
  • Make sure the paper is loaded properly.
  • Try turning over the stack of paper in the tray.
  • Check the printer temperature; high temperature can cause paper curls.

 Backside of the Printed page is Dirty

  • This issue may be caused due to leaks in the toner. Mend the leaks and clean inside the printer carefully.
  • Try using another toner of Dell brand.

Toner Specks on the Printout

  • Please ensure that the paper specifications are correct. Paper is of good quality, is not moist or rough. Check the paper specification on official Dell website.
  • Clean the transfer roller, it may be dirty.
  • Clean the paper path following the instruction provided in the manual.

If you don’t see clean printouts, call toll free helpline number of Dell printer for instant tech support service.

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